About Brian....  

Brian has been employed in the drinks industry for some 35 years working for several independent wine and beer importers, and retailers, during that time. He has picked up awards for his wine writing along the way, such as the Guild of Sommeliers Chateau Loudenne Award and Smith Woodhouse Port Wine Scholarship. Brian has always held a parallel interest in beer and brewing, and has written many articles on topical issues relating to the brewing world, and the subjects history. He has always been a passionate supporter of the independent sector, working for maltsters Tucker's Maltings for over 14 years. Brian was considered instrumental in developing the Tucker's speciality bottled beer range, as well as creating several successful brands. His thirst for knowledge and sharing his passion for both wine and beer remains undiminished! But, it is perhaps his love of grain over grape that has taken the upper hand in recent years! ....Nazdrave! 

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                                                                   BEER TASTINGS AND REVIEWS                                         THE TOP WORLD BEERS 2016 -  FROM 1 - 10!


                                                             A call it seems to return to the past is at the                        A classification of the best beers to be found from around

                                                                       core of some new products...                                           the world - A changing ranking, not to be missed!



                                                            BREWING HISTORY  PAST & PRESENT                                         BEER TRAVELOGUES & PERSONALITIES


                                                     The second part in the new fortunes that have come                                  A recent obituary brought back memories of a

                                                               to one of the worlds natural resources...                                                            gentleman I never actually met...



                                   THE WORLD'S BEST BREWS? TRUE OR FALSE                           MORE MISCELLANEOUS BEER BITES        

                                                  It always interesting to come back to a beer that had                                A centuries old product is said to hold recuperative  

                                                           a high reputation....but all may not be as it                                         qualities...lets hope it gets greater recognition here.       


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