1.                           THE KERNEL BREWERY TABLE BEER                                                                   3.2%Alc/vol.                      ENGLAND                                                 

                               There are so many good things that come from The Kernel Brewery that it is difficult to pin point one particular product. 

                               They have achieved something fairly unique in brewing terms proving that beer can achieve the same level as complexity 

                               and sophistication as wine, and be as thought provoking in the process. 

2.                           THOMAS HARDY ALE - 2007 VINTAGE - O 'HANLON'S  BREWERY                       11.7%Alc/vol.                    ENGLAND                                                     

                               The iconic brand that started life being brewed by Eldridge Pope in Dorset  was, by 2007, being brewed under licence for Phoenix Imports of the US

                               in Devon.  Recently tasted in 2014 it is an impressive beer, with a huge glycerine rounded body, fairly dry in character, and flavours reminiscent of the rancio 

                               characteristics found in Madeira.

3.                           MASTER TMAVY PREMIUM LAGER                                                                               7%Alc.vol.                 CZECH REPUBLIC                                             

                              With so many of the exported Czech brands proving a disappointment in terms of quality today it is a joy to come across a beer of true

                              complexity and depth. Many Tmave (Dark Lagers)  fall short in regards of flavour but this beer has a sense of purpose with excellent balance.

 4.                           TUCHER HRBRAU NURNBERGER HELL                                                                       4.9%Alc/vol.               GERMANY                                          

                               This beer displays a stylish character which raises it above many others of its type. There is an intriguing balance of malt flavours 

                               which leave a smooth lingering moreish finish.

 5.                           FIRESTONE WALKER UNION JACK IPA                                                                      7.5%Alc/vol.               USA                                             

                               A beer that has a definitive house character and is extremely well made. An American IPA of excellent balance, subtlety and quality.

 6.                           TRAQUAIR HOUSE ALE                                                                                                  7.2%Alc.vol.             SCOTLAND                                               

                                This fascinating revival beer, that came back to life in 1965 is often overshadowed today. But on tasting its rich malty dark malt flavours

                                and complexity remind you of just how good, and inspirational, it still remains.


 7.                           BRIDGEPORT HOP CZAR IMPERIAL INDIA PALE ALE                                          7.5%Alc/vol.                      USA                                       

                              There is nothing shy about this forceful IPA which some find just  too overpowering. But, it is a statement of intent

                              and the hop characteristics are exuberant and mesmerising. A hedonistic experience.

8.                           SHEPHERD NEAME  BISHOPS FINGER STRONG ALE                                            5.4%Alc/vol.                    ENGLAND                                        

                              With craft brewers in the UK rightly taking the spotlight in recent years it has often left the larger 'commercial' brewing 

                              sector forgotten in terms of what they can produce.  The Shepherd Neame range is expansive and they have introduced some interesting

                              new brands of late echoing past styles. This said, Bishops Finger in bottle still remains a beer with real uncompromising 

                              character and flavour and remains the best brew within their range.   


 9.                          AYINGER CELEBRATOR DOUBLE BOCK                                                                 7.2%Alc/vol.                    GERMANY                                       

                              A beer that has inspired a whole generation of craft brewers, but this beer still remains the benchmark others try to aspire too.                              


10.                         DESCHUTES  OBSIDIAN STOUT                                                                               6.4%Alc/vol.                  USA                                            

                              An extremely well balanced stout that ticks all the boxes in terms of flavour and style.



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